December 8, 2022

10 Habits That Will Transform Your Life in 2023

Tips to become a better person

10 Habits That Will Transform Your Life in 2023

Having good habits can make a huge difference in your life, whether, in your general health, personal development, or financial life, this is because the person you will be in a few years is a reflection of the habits you practice today.

Today I'm going to talk about 10 habits that have improved my life in general and consequently, my 2022 that you can - should - practice in 2023.

1 - Sleep well

Sleeping well is the first habit that will transform your life - and necessary for you to practice all the following habits. Sleep is responsible for improving our evolutionary abilities (eating, hunting, reproducing, and others), making it the first of the 3 essential habits to have a better life.

Sleeping well will not only make you feel better the next day, but it will also extend your lifespan, making it that much better compared to the life you would have if you continued to neglect your sleep.

You can learn more about the importance of good sleep in your life by reading this article I wrote about sleep.

2 - Eat well

Eating well brings many health benefits such as greater energy, improvement in the functioning of our body's defenses, disease prevention, and concentration, thus improving our performance at work.

Healthy eating is also part of the 3 essential habits, because it brings immense benefits to our body, thus providing a better life.

3 - Practice exercises

The last of the 3 essential habits to have a better life is the practice of physical exercises because it is able to improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, help to lose weight, reduce the risk of heart disease and strengthen bones.

The practice of physical activities is also a great strategy to consolidate learning after studying, increasing the production of noradrenaline and dopamine, which are essential substances for memory.

4 - Write

Writing is one of the most important practices in human history, being responsible for narrating events, thus transmitting a good part of the knowledge we have today.

Writing is one of the best ways to improve our ability to think because when we organize our ideas in a text, we are also organizing our minds.

It is through this means that writers generate value for society, including me, thanks to this blessed practice that I have this blog and my newsletter and I am able to share all my knowledge with my readers.

Of all the habits mentioned in this article, this is the most difficult to build as it requires a large learning curve and the greatest rewards are perceived in the long term.

5 - Meditate

These days, with social media and other dopamine stimuli, it has been increasingly difficult for us to find time in silence for reflection, that said, meditation is the perfect practice to keep our mind in place and away ( even if it's just for a few moments) from the bombardment of information we receive from being constantly connected to the outside world, be it social networks or other people.

The practice of meditation is of great importance for our mental health, reducing anxiety, stress, and other mental disorders, making it one of the most important habits of our daily lives.

I use Headspace to meditate every day, this is one of the best-guided meditation apps used by over 70 million people.

6 - Read

If you want to transform your life and become a better person in 2023, reading books (especially about personal development) is definitely a good way to achieve this goal.

Reading is one of the best ways to acquire knowledge in a specific area, this is because books are like guides, written by experienced people, that help us to avoid some mistakes and learn to live better.

I usually say that “if we are the average of the 5 people we hang out with when we are reading a book, we are adding the writer to our circle of friends".

7 - Reduce consumption of social media

Social networks, although they can be great learning tools, - depending on the way we use them - are also one of the (if not the) main causes for us to throw all our time in the trash, sucking all our focus and thus, killing our productivity.

Reducing social media consumption makes room in our minds to focus on the things that really matter like our work, day-to-day tasks, and especially us.

8 - Organize your earnings and expenses

Having a good financial education is essential to have a safer and better life, and one of the habits to achieve the dream of financial freedom is to organize your earnings and expenses. Doing this allows us to have an overview of our finances and allows us to create more solid planning with our money.

Writing down and categorizing all your expenses, including the simplest ones like coffee or a taxi, is fundamental to having control of our finances and an idea of how it was spent.

Personally, I usually plan all my expenses at the beginning of the same month, that is, 30 days before receiving my salary. This gives me more time to plan and decide more logically on what to spend my money on.

I organize all my finances using Notion, you can get a copy of my finances page here.

9 - Being alone

As I've said before in my article on solitude, being alone is a superpower that is currently under-practiced.

This simple habit of isolating yourself for a while brings many benefits to your mental health, such as improving your creativity, improving your concentration and memory, increasing productivity, and even improving your relationships with other people.

10 - Set Goals

Setting goals is one of the best ways to stop living on automatic. When we set goals for our life, we are committing ourselves to fulfill them and above all, we are creating a path. Whether we can follow this path and reach the goal or not, the journey is rewarding most of the time, after all, it's never too late to start over and learn how to set SMARTer goals.

Building any of the above habits takes time, focus, commitment and above all, self-discipline. So I wish you good luck and hope that in 2023 you will be a better person.

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