Updated at October 13, 2022

Base One - Premium Quality MagSafe Charger

The perfect combination of design and engineering


One of the main reasons I bought the iPhone 13 Pro was the MagSafe (introduced on iPhone 12 models) which allows for faster wireless charging. And while Apple sells compatible and useful accessories to take advantage of this functionality, their MagSafe chargers are pretty basic and they just don't look good on my desk.

Among several options, Nomad's Base One is undoubtedly the most suitable alternative for those who like quality but also love to appreciate the beauty of their products.

The Base One is distinguished from other products by its touch, heavy, due to its weighted metal body and a raised glass panel, it simply looks like a jewel on your desk.

It offers up to 15W charging and for all that power, it needs a 30W USB-C adapter.*

The Base One is available in two colors, Carbide and Silver so you can add it to your workstation, bedside table, or anywhere else.

Buy here.

* 30W USB-C Adapter not included

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