Updated at October 13, 2022

My Minimalist Everyday Carry - EDC 2021

A brief look at all the products I carry with me every day


Every time I go out on the street, I carry with me a set of products that are not only useful but also essential for my lifestyle. These products make my life away from home more comfortable and practical.

In this article, I'm going to talk about all the products I carry with me every day and everywhere, showing details about them and why they are so useful in my daily life.

⚠️If you're interested in any of the products featured in this article, I'll put a referral link for each of them (if available) so you can take advantage of a significant discount.
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iPhone 13 Pro

As a content creator, always having a good camera in my pocket is essential for my work and the iPhone 13 Pro is the best choice I could make.

This smartphone, in addition to having a sleek design, is also perfect for my daily use such as taking notes, communicating, creating, and editing content, among others.

The cameras on this phone are amazing, I mostly use them to take photos and videos for the stories and reels on my Instagram.

On top of that, it also has a battery life that lasts almost all day and so I don't need to carry any external battery with me.

I have a lot of cases that I use as needed and styled, but most of the time, I use Nomad's Modern Leather Case.

Buy the Black Modern Leather Case here

This case supports MagSafe and wireless charging, has an NFC digital business card, is made with Horween leather, and its edges are made of rubber, which makes mounting and removing it more practical and safe.


I use Wallim's key organizer. Although I only use 2 keys, this key organizer holds up to 6 keys inside it, turning my keychain into a pocket knife and allowing me to have more control over them.

Buy the WalliM Key here

This key organizer is attached to Nomad’s Leather Keychain for AirTag so I can track my keys in case I lose them.

Buy the Leather Keychain for AirTag here

Card Wallet

I use a card wallet because I rarely use cash. This is the Nomad Card Wallet Plus, it has space for up to 6 cards, like most Nomad products, it is made with Horween leather and its edges are rubber, protecting the wallet and the leather itself.

Buy the Card Wallet Plus here

AirPods Pro

Buy the leather case for AirPods Pro here

I bought the AirPods Pro recently because I needed small headphones with good sound quality and acceptable noise cancellation. In fact, I didn't buy them before because I was hoping Apple would release a new version of them at its last event in October, but it didn't happen.

This headphone is perfect compared its functionality to its size. Besides the quality, one of the things I like the most about them is the ability to switch between noise canceling and transparency mode with a little touch.


These glasses are from Exyra. They are blue-light-blocking glasses, designed to protect the eyes from the light found in digital screens, glare, and other environmental stressors.

buy any Exyra glasses here and use the nublson coupon to get 15% off

These glasses really help to improve focus, sleep at night, perform tasks and contribute to better productivity at work during the day and after a few days of use, you can notice that you feel fewer headaches, less sore eyes, and itchy.

Sling Bag

For a daily carry set like this, this Tomtoc bag couldn't match better. It’s compact and provides a convenient way to carry the essentials while exploring the city.

Buy the Tomtoc Sling Bag here

Card for AirTag

This Nomad AirTag card is always in the back pocket of my bag in case I lose it on the street, although it's very unlikely, I prefer to be safe.

Buy the Card for AirTag here

Water Bottle

Lastly, I have the JustBottle water bottle that I use to hydrate myself.

I use this bottle every day, even in my office. I have 3 of them, one in each space in my room because I think they are very beautiful and they help me to keep the habit of drinking water.

Buy these water bottles here

At this point, my everyday carry set is well defined, and to be honest, the only product I'm considering adding is an Apple Watch that I haven't bought yet because I work from home and spend most of my time in my office, so I don't see any real need for having an Apple Watch right now.

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