November 27, 2022

How I Use Notion To Organize My Life

“One Workspace. Everything (and every team).”

How I Use Notion To Organize My Life

Notion is a free workspace for personal use (and paid for teams and businesses) that lets you do basically anything you can imagine. Whether taking notes, organizing budgets and recipes, tracking tasks and habits, managing projects, or creating databases, in short, as I said, everything you can imagine.

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I have been using Notion for over 2 years now and this tool has quickly become the most important tool for organizing my life because of the way it adapts to all my needs.

In this article I will share how I use Notion to organize myself, making my life simpler and more productive.

💡If you're new to Notion, you have the possibility to start using templates and modify them however you want, so I'll leave a link to the template for each page I use.

My Notion workspace

Since I started using Notion, my workspace has been changing over time to adapt to all my needs, however, I recently started a journey in search of mental clarity (Essentialism) and my workspace in Notion reflects this phase of my life with simple and minimalist pages, always including a motivational phrase at the beginning of each page.


As my homepage, I created a Dashboard where I have direct access to all other Notion pages. My Dashboard is divided into 3 categories, Daily, Personal, and Life, and in them are all the main pages of my Notion.


On the 2023 Goals page, as the name says, it's where I define all my annual goals. I recently updated this page after reading an article on how to set SMART goals (spoiler for the next article) and since then I have been working on creating a more Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely goals page. 😉


My Agenda is where I write down all my daily tasks, plan my week, and set (sometimes) weekly and monthly goals. I have also integrated a calendar where I can see all the events and appointments scheduled for the current month.

Habit Tracker

This is my Notion habit tracker, probably the most used page in my workspace. Here I track all my daily habits like waking up at 7:30 am, meditating, reading, having lunch, exercising, using social media for less than 3 hours, and going to bed until 11 pm.

Content Creation

I also use Notion to plan all the content I create for my social networks like Instagram, Youtube, online store, and this blog.

As I said before, I use Notion to write all my blog articles, and thanks to the Notion API, I use Notion as a CMS, so I just have to write the articles in Notion and change their status to published that they will be available on my blog in real-time. AMAZING!


This is where I write down the products I would like to buy and assess the real need to have them, what I need them for, and if such products would really improve something in my life. In addition, I also make my monthly shopping list.


Notion is also excellent for tracking your budget, I use it to track all my personal finances, from income to my monthly expenses.

One of my favorite things to do with my finances is planning my monthly expenses. At the beginning of each month I write down each bill, debt, or product that I will buy so that when the end of the month comes and I receive my salary, I have all my expenses defined and put all the remaining amount in my savings account and investments.


In studies I have all the things I want to learn organized by progress status, from Planned to Done. Here I put my programming courses, and tools for editing videos and photos, among others.


Finally, I have a page dedicated to the books I have, where I write down each one of them with their respective author and state of progress.

Notion is also available for iOS and Android (and desktop) devices, where you can enjoy features such as offline mode and sync between devices, widgets, and much more.

And this is how I use Notion in a nutshell, I mean, in a few pictures (🤣). I know that starting to use a new tool can be difficult, but as I said before, in Notion you can start using templates and change them as you improve your knowledge of the tool.

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