Updated at March 20, 2022

Hi, my name is Nubelson Fernandes

I'm a Developer and UI Designer specializing in Web and Mobile development. I also take pictures and shoot videos on Youtube.


I'm based in Portugal, I'm 24 years old and I started coding autonomously in 2016 when I met JavaScript.

Check out my video above about me on my Youtube channel.

I mainly work as a Front-End Developer with React and React Native in projects for the IT industry in different areas such as healthcare, music, telecommunications, events, and online sales, but I also have experience in UI Design and Back-End Development with Node. js and AWS.

I'm also a photographer, filmmaker, blogger and I sell some digital products made by myself. I've collaborated with world-renowned brands such as Logitech, Nomad, BenQ, Zhiyun-Tech, WANDRD, and many others.

I started creating content in 2020 during the pandemic when I found myself locked at home and unable to do anything other than watch photos videos about technology on Youtube and Instagram and I was increasingly gaining interest until I decided to buy a camera.

Since then, I've been dedicated a lot to content creation, documenting my journey and making product photography in collaboration with brands on my Instagram and Unsplash, making videos on Youtube and TikTok, sharing my ideas, thoughts, and experiences in my personal blog, and creating digital products for my online store.

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